Things move very quickly as a freelancer. They move even quicker when you’re a freelancer in New York City. Deadlines are short and so are patients. People expect you to take calls and write emails at all hours of the day and night. With the added pressure of social media messaging, at times, it can almost feel non stop.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m an actor and that means I work to get work. So taking calls and writing emails and doing last minute auditions (as well as real estate deals-let’s not forget that I am also a New York City broker!) are very important but it can seem really overwhelming. When you factor in everyday life like sleep, food, shopping for the house, (uh, cleaning the house?) pets, family and friends I get to a point where I am completely drained and feel as though I need to take to my bed for a week to recover. For anyone who lives a freelancer life, you know the improbability of that working to our benefit, so something else has to give. Daily peace. Here are the five ways in which I achieve my daily peace:

1. Before I get out of bed in the morning I state my intention. I don’t literally do this out loud- most likely would scare the crap out of my husband, but I do think about what I am trying to accomplish for the day. When life gets too big break it down and make it specific.

2. Have something that is just for yourself. This can be whatever small detail that makes you feel good. I start my day with a hot mug of lemon water. I know I am doing something healthy for myself and that makes me smile and relax.

3. Pet break. I have two cats, Nacho and Dude, and they LOVE to snuggle. I take a few minutes out to brush their fur, give them kisses or play with their toys. It makes them really happy and it reminds me to put my focus on something outside of myself. If you don’t have a pet kids works great for this too!

4. A small kindness for someone else. I know it seems counterintuitive because this is supposed to be about self care but I really find doing a small kindness for someone else does me a lot of mental good. I enjoy making my husband his lunch and packing a little note or folding and putting away his laundry. I know when he realizes it’s done it makes him smile and he appreciates me thinking of him.

5. To-do lists and the cross off. I love post its. I write all my tasks and errands on a post it or on my phone in my calendar. When I have accomplished it I cross it off or delete it from my phone and it gives me so much satisfaction!

Share with me what you do to give yourself a dose of daily peace. Would love to hear your thoughts!