I’d like to talk about work ethic. Well, not just work ethic but a good work ethic. What is a good work ethic? I’m sure if we asked one hundred different people what it looks like I know we’d end up with about one hundred different answers. For me, just leaving the house takes a pretty strong work ethic. I know some of you are feeling me when I say this because the sweatpants call your name too! I live in a suburb of New York City, which oddly enough, is still considered New York City. If you lived two hours away from your final destination would you say that you still lived in the same city? No. Probably not. Something has gone wrong here, but the PT discussion is for another post….a much longer post.

It’s one thing when you have people that need you day in and day out. Family, friends and children rely on you to get up and make it through the day so that they can get on with theirs, right? If you have a career, that’s someone that counts on you, and I am sure you count on them too- to get paid! Well, what if you’re like me and you don’t always get paid to go to work? Wait. Stop. Hold the phone. You said what now?? For all of you out there who have a solid 9 to 5 you might be able to check out now cause I’m going into the nitty, gritty, deep, dark underworld of freelancers now. Yup, as I may have mentioned, I am an actor. And, for my ”survival job” (a day job an actor gets to make financial ends meet in between acting jobs) I chose real estate! Two career paths that don’t pay a wage or salary upon getting your butt out of bed and showing up. I work to get work. Or, in many cases, I work just to get the chance to work. Then, I actually have to uh, work! Until I get an acting gig or a real estate listing no one is missing me saying “Where’s Elise, I thought she wanted to work today?” I’m not special, everyday, like many actors, brokers and countless other people in many different career paths, I get up and get out of those super stylish sweatpants (see below for tips on how to style your Champion sweats) to get a job. Do I leave the house knowing it’s costing me money and that I might not make any in return? Yes. Do I put in the hours of study on my scripts and neighborhood listings? Yes. Do I deal with the four hours of travel, there and back, knowing I might also have a 10+ hour day ahead of me? Yes. Have I waited my whole life to be in a position to where I could work this hard? YES. This, to me, is work ethic. Putting your head down and getting it done because it’s just one more small step in the leaps, crawls and inches you must travel to do what you love in this life. Even when you’re the only one that’s counting on you. It once took me over 13 years to achieve a goal! We work hard but we must strive to be grateful for the chance to live the hardship. Because of it, you aren’t who you were yesterday. What you experience changes you. And, in the end, you might just realize it wasn’t a hardship at all.

PS. Always style your sweatpants with flannel and garnish with an array of meats and cheeses.

These are my thoughts. Thanks for reading. How do you define your work ethic, what drives you? Email me!