Sometimes there is so much to do that I feel I cant keep a single thought in my head. And I’m no slouch so I take steps to organize my thoughts, like making a to-do list in my schedule on my iPhone, but then my phone rings… and I am in trouble…

Someone better find some post-its, like, pronto.

So how do we keep it all working like clockwork? We don’t. We have ups. And we have downs. I have been going to therapy for three years, in part, to learn to give myself some grace and to learn I don’t have to have it all together. Perspective has changed my life. But here are tips I practice to keep myself happy and moving forward.

Keep clutter to a minimum.

Having a busy life means finding things at a moments notice. When your “junk” drawer looks like actual junk it can make the finding part a lot harder.

Don’t lose your cool when things are a bit untidy and chaotic.

So, a catnip toy exploded all over the rug? Well, the cats are gonna have a really good time till they pass out. Then, we vacuum. We needed to anyway, right?


I’ll say it again for those of you who are like me. Eat. Nothing worse than trying to be superhuman and not having the fuel you need to do it. I get so busy that I actually schedule my food and pack snacks like these. Now, don’t get me wrong, on my days off or at night after I get home I’ll go out of my way to pile all the snacks on the living room table in front of me while I watch “Velvet” and chow down. (You see now why I need the Whole30 reset) Speaking of, have you seen “Velvet?!”

These are my thoughts. Thanks for reading.