You’ve heard the phrase “Adopt, Don’t Shop,” right? Well, we adopted.

Enter: Nacho and Dude.

Two male cats, one an orange tabby, named for the delicious food and the other an Oriental Short Hair/ Abyssinian named after the Jeff Bridges character in “The Big Lebowski.” We thought we were getting cats but as it turns out we have two 15 pound puff balls who think they run the show. And, honestly, they do.

We are pretty okay with it most of the time but they require quite a bit of work and attention. Daily fur brushing, playing, talking (yes, we have conversations!), snuggling and snack time. We basically treat them the same way we would treat our four nieces and nephew except we don’t have to dress or bathe them. If, at this juncture, you’re asking yourself if I am a crazy cat lady, yes. Best get that out of the way now.

If you want to adopt in the tristate area we love this organization.