I have been a New York based actor since 2003 and have managed my growing business (Me!) for most of those years by myself. Luckily, a few years ago I got some agents, a manager and great marketing professionals (read about them here! aldercreative.com ) to help with the work load. But, to know anything about being an artist you must first know you are always hustling for yourself. This means submitting myself for projects daily.

I go through hundreds of emails in a 24 hour period. And, I have to be quick because if I don’t submit in time someone else could book that audition. As an actor, staying in contact is key. I need casting directors, and industry folks to remember that I want work so sending out updates is an important part of my weekly routine. I am also a licensed real estate agent. (Because every actor has to have a “Survival job, right?) There was a day recently when I had an appointment for a closing on a Brooklyn apartment for a customer, an office meeting, an audition AND a photoshoot in Times Square for a retail clothing company!

Did I mention that I have a 4 hour commute each day?